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Sydney Domina Artemisia de Vine

Sydney Domina Artemisia de Vine

Welcome to the home of Artemisia de Vine, Goddess of elegant perversion and creatively wicked BDSM!

I am a passionate practitioner of Kink, Dominatrix, Mistress, Goddess, Domestic Discipline Spanking Switch and kink exploration facilitator.   My sessions are offered to respectful submissives, slaves, bottoms, switches and kinky adventurers who wish to engage in exploration of BDSM, fetish and kink with awareness.

My skill set and natural inclinations mean my sessions can be playful, sensual, ritualistic, educational, seductive, sadistic or intense and are appreciated by seasoned players and curious newbies alike.

Being conscious about kink certainly doesn’t mean “light  and fluffy” BDSM only.  Delving into the feeling of danger and mystery can often be what ignites our erotic play… taking risks… peeking into the dark crevices of our souls…  exploring power or intensity can be what gives a session its bite and heat… carving a delicious memory into our flesh that lasts a life time.

Conscious kink is not about sanitising that… It is about engaging with it in a consensual and aware way that has a positive effect on all involved and allows us to travel deeper into each moment.  It is about learning and harnessing skills to ride the wave rather than be rolled by it… and to enter states of being and, well consciousness one cannot get to otherwise…  Consciously approaching kink play takes bravery to be self aware, take self responsibility and be the hero on your own erotic quest of self discovery.  Far from detracting from the experience, being conscious in BDSM play only makes it more potent.

So what is Conscious Kink? 

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