Submissive / Switch


artemisia sydney spankee bottom cane logoSpankee:  My all time favorite role as a switch or bottom is as spankee.  The traditional spankee tradition is a culture in and of itself and is separate to the typical BDSM flavor.  Domestic discipline sessions that include spanking and the use of paddles, straps, crops, canes and more along with role play can be a lot of fun.  To me it is one of the most erotic and divine experiences to be spanked.   I go into a very floaty, aroused and blissful place even if I do protest and put up a pouty, sassy resistance to start with.

Artemisia nude submissive CKRole Play:  With the right respectful, Dominant I can enjoy erotic degradation and certain types of humiliation.  I really enjoy helping people live out their fantasies through role play and unusual fetishes.   Feel free to ask for your particular desires and I’ll be honest about whether or not it is something I can offer you.

Switch sessions: Are when we both take a turn at the reins… Dominate me and then watch out when I overpower you and take my revenge!  I am open to quite a lot of activities if you approach with respect.

Safe words and signals will be negotiated pre-session and we can go over any safety issues and skills you may wish to learn before we begin.   Safe words must be respected without exception.