Now here is a topic that warms the cheeks!  A favorite session of mine and one where I am more than happy to switch or bare my bottom as a spankee.

There are so many nuances to spanking and so many ways to approach it.   While  spanking can be part of my more traditional BDSM sessions, my favorite without a doubt is the domestic discipline style spanking session.  I have a write up specific to that tradition here…

spanking implimentsOver the knee, trance inducing rhythmic spanking that builds slowly or harsh and jolting punishment… Hand, wooden spoon, hairbrush, paddles and all those different kinds of canes…  It can be about power play… erotic embarressment… or a good old fashioned traditional English spanking scenario… A game of cards and whoever loses gets the spanking… switching roles… role play… strict school teacher and naughty school student… it can be trancey and floaty… giggly and fun or intense…  or even a tantric ritual spanking…

Contact me to design a session to suit you or check out my blog for spanking stories.  Stay tuned by subscribing for far more traditional spanking pictures and clips in the near future.

Sessions that are purely about the spanking are best at a leisurely 90min – 2 hr session.   From $350 for spanking you and from $420 for a switch session.

Mistress session rates apply for sessions that are not pure spanking but rather part of a classical Mistress session with other activities.