Personal Transformation / Exploration


For those on a journey of self discovery and self development, consciously exploring your forbidden fantasies can be a powerful experience.  These sessions are for those that not only want to enjoy the session in the moment but to delve deeper into themselves and use this process to discover, heal and connect deeper with your authentic self.  What this session will look like varies greatly from person to person.  Perhaps you want to re-live a sexual trauma to bring healing?  Perhaps you want to live out your fantasies consciously in an erotic ritual that allows you to play out the archetypes burned into your erotic wiring/subconscious.  Perhaps you want to face fear or have your boundaries pushed to expand your consciousness and being.   Perhaps you want to be seen and accepted in your true erotic expression.

For those interested in ongoing training and discovering just what their minds and bodies are capable of, I offer an ongoing training program.  Erotic trance states deepen with practice and enhance all types of play.  Ongoing supervision, homework and training in this area is available.