So you’ve heard about Mistresses and are curious to try it.  Beginner sessions are at the light end of the scale and include a variety of activities to give you a taste of what BDSM is all about.  Before the session we have a consultation to work out how you are wired and establish safe words.  I then work out a session that allows you to explore a few different things.  You may find that you are not so into the aspects your though you would be but are far more drawn to aspects you never thought of.  That is the point of this sort of session.  It’s for the curious who would like to explore.  Once you know what you like you can come back for sessions that go deeper into the areas you enjoy.  Depending on what comes out of the consultation process beginner activities include any of the following: wearing collar and lead and being taught the proper way to address a Mistress, golden shower, spanking, light flogging, bondage (being tied up or restrained), prostate massage and/or strap on play, light CBT (cock and ball torture), hot wax, blindfolds, hoods, role play, foot fetish, cross dressing etc.  Hand relief is included.  Please note that Mistress sessions are NOT full service sessions.