Humiliation and Degradation


From enjoying the eroticism of feeling mildly embarrassed by being caught sniffing lady’s panties… or being called a slut while being made to suck my strap on… to the intense humiliation of being degraded verbally or physically… Consciously and consensually playing with erotic humiliation can be extremely hot.  It is a personal turn on for me and close to the heart so I understand how important it is to do a thorough consultation process before we begin.  One person’s turn on is another’s abuse so taking the time to get it right matters.  From small cock humiliation, being made to eat out of a dog bowl, being put in degrading positions, made to do embarrassing things… Well, let’s just say I have a very, very wicked imagination…  While I can do very intense humiliation edgy scenes, some scenes may actually be exquisitely simple.  Sometimes subtle is just as potent as playing hard.    Perhaps you’d like to try just a smattering of humiliation in your scene or perhaps humiliation is the main course.

How does humiliation and degradation fit into Conscious Kink?