Goddess / Body Worship

Artemisia de Vine

Artemisia de Vine

Goddess and intimate body worship is something I only recieve when I am in the mood.  You may always request it but just because I enjoyed it last week doesn’t mean I will this week.  If I do agree to include it in the session it is an extra $50.

The intimate crevices of a woman are the source of endless obsession.  Pussy is honored, feared, reviled, controlled, legislated against, obsessed about, deeply desired… whether you experience pussy and/or arse worship as dirty and forbidden or the ideal honor, there is no denying the power these parts of a woman have.

Goddess and Intimate Body Worship sessions tend to fall into these main categories:

* Those that wish to be used and forced to worship the body of Mistress “against their will” or as a punishment…  Dirty, naughty, power play…  perhaps some face sitting and smothering appeals…  Being forced to pleasure Mistress for her amusement and pleasure…

* Those that experience  intimate body worship as a reward rather than a punishment.  Perhaps you see the Goddess in me and wish to lavish worship on Her through me…  Worship the Universal woman…  Or perhaps I am your Queen and you my personal slave… Perhaps it is about sinking deeply into the moment and being allowed to fully experience your pleasure in service to pussy and/or arse.

While these sessions include being intimate with my interesting nooks and crannies, it is far more than just appreciating a lovely body.  It is about intimately experiencing and honoring the essence of woman as well as an opportunity to explore your erotic relationship to pussy… all your fear, desire, awe, anger and/or loving devotion…  In both sessions you will be guided into just how I like to be worshipped.  Intimate Goddess worship can be part of a session or it can be the entire focus of the session.

If you want to read more about my style of Goddess worship and  body worship, see here…