Anal Play


There is a real art to anal play and I’ve learned from some of the best.  From finger to fist… strap ons and toys… I am highly experienced in anal play techniques including external and internal techniques to delight and torment. This is an area of particular interest to me. I love the forbidden hole and all its secret sensations. There is nothing quite like inside someone as they open to me, all vulnerable and helpless.

If you are someone who fantasies about anal play but finds the reality of the experience too painful, then I can help you, deeply relaxing the area, opening to more pleasure than many think possible using pressure points, muscle relaxing techniques, inner and outer sphincter opening and breath work. Those of you with more anal experience will appreciate the subtleties of really good anal play.

I provide anal training for those who wish to gently learn how to open to more anal pleasure, or for those who deserve to be degraded, humiliated or used for my pleasure, I can be a far more cruel anal Mistress. I’ll have you bent over and begging for mercy as I fill your hole with my cock or some other creative object.

There are many ways of goign about anal play.  Here is a blog post I wrote to help you discover your style of session.