Mistress Sessions


“An elegantly perverted lady-of-the-manor style Mistress.” 

Contemplating slave’s fate

I can be wickedly playful,  sensually enticing or strict and sadistic depending on my whim.  Either way I will ignite your senses and crawl under your skin, deep within your psyche.

I take charge with an elegant, cat-like grace and confidence born of natural dominance, intelligent perception and a deep knowledge of the hidden world of dark fantasies.   I delight in pulling your strings and making you dance to my tune…  to the tune that is also reflected deep within you… I love that unmasked moment of surrender, where you cannot be anything but your true self.

Witnessed, held, taken…

Mistress Artemisia de Vine Sydney Domina CKWhether you are just curious or are the seasoned explorer, there are sessions available to suit you all.  I  often recommend a length of session that allows time to fully experience the journey as well as the destination.  I encourage ongoing sessions.  Each builds on the last: exploring, transforming and discovering.  For those interested in delving deep I offer indepth packages.  Curious one-off session seekers are welcome too.

Each session is designed to play within the natural area of overlap between my slave/submissive and I.  That is, our play is tailored to your unique erotic fingerprint in conjunction with my own expertise, desires and passions.  I take my time to get to know how you tick in a pre-play consultation.

My areas of expertise are broad and I enjoy a wide variety of play styles but  I have a particular interest in sessions that include aspects of conscious exploration of erotic self through submission, trance states, role play and psychodrama (living out the dark inner workings of our minds in the context of consensual adult play).

I am highly skilled in anal play and well known for my expertise in this area.  I adore anything to do with spanking and  domestic discipline.  Humiliation sessions match well with my natural inclinations.  Sensory deprivation never ceases to amaze me with its potency.  CBT, discipline, golden showers, Forced bi, x-dressing, sissy slut and objectification sessions are amongst my favourites.  I am also particularly fond of people with bizarre or unusual fetishes.   Adult babies are welcome to nurse at my bosom.   Rope bondage is fast becoming a favorite too.  Foot fetish sessions are a delight.

See my Goddess sessions for more ritualistic and ceremonial versions of these activities.  If you need help understanding the difference between a Mistress session and a Goddess Worship session, I blogged about it here. 

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