Kinky Tantra Massage


Kinky Bodywork and Erotic Massage sessions:  I am also an erotic kinky bodyworker and massage practitioner and am well-known around Australia for my  considerable skill and unique, deeply sensual sessions that incorporate elements of kink, anal play, tie and tease, lomi lomi massage, tantra, sexological bodywork, taoist practices and more.  I’ve learned from various pioneers around the globe and have put together the best aspects of each along with a few tricks of my own to create a unique series of sessions that are not even on the same playing field as a mere rub and tug.  These sessions are about opening and surrendering to erotic states of consciousness and for some, to something greater than themselves.  Each session is built in waves and is about the journey as much as the destination.

Kinky Tie and Tease:  Good for those new to BDSM who would like to explore being tied to the table, blindfolded and deeply relaxed all over with hot oil and skin on skin erotic touch.  This is a journey of the senses and explores a variety of unexpected sensations.   Tantric genital massage is included  as well as the option of  external anal and internal anal/prostate massage.  This could be as mild as a finger or could include toys.  If you are a full anal enthusiast then Tantric Anal Play Massage Session below may be more your style.   

90mins $400, 2hr $500

Tantric Anal Play Session: For those who would like to explore the sensual side of anal play and/or fisting.  Not all surrender has to be about overt power play, but can be about dropping down deep and opening up to something greater than ourselves.  Being penetrated by another, even sensually is a divine act of vulnerability.  Using techniques drawn from tantra and other similar traditions this experience can becomes even more potent.  Again this is a hot oil, full body lomi lomi session with deeply sensual erotic touch as well as external anal massage, internal massage, toys with the option for fisting.  Note that due to the oily nature of erotic massage and the fact that you will be on a massage table, strap on play is not possible in this session. I blogged about this kind of session here. 

90mins $400      2 hrs $500