Slave Training


Slave training can be a one off but most find that regular sessions yield the most powerful results. This is when I take the time to really understand your psyche… I break you down and mold you into submission. I train you to serve me mind and body. The irony of control is it sets you free. The deeper we go the higher you fly.

Slave training can be service oriented maid training sessions, high proticol, behaviour correction & modification, hypnotic suggestion, sissy and/or forced bi training, obedience training, toilet training (golden only), breath control, chastity, but mostly it is about finding the buttons in you that will release you from your ego and turn you into an obedient slave for my use.

I will teach you the rituals of submission that you must always use in my presence and you will learn to submit to my every whim… Will it be the carrot or the stick? Power is a physical thrill for me and I rush from demanding utter control over your body and mind. In this role I am strict and demanding but nurturing your growth. 

Mistress rates apply