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Artemisia de Vine antique queen final kinklogoDe Vine by name and divine by nature.

Welcome to the Temple of Perversion where select, worthy slaves and submissives are chosen to be trained to serve this voluptuous Goddess in intimate body worship… just how I like it… until I am thoroughly satisfied…  Make no mistake, in this session, you are in service to Me and My desires.

Queening, scented oil bathing ceremony, exquisite mindful touch and training to truly enter into service body and mind. To receive the touch I truly desire, I guide you into an aroused, meditative-like place of erotic flow and instruct you in how to pleasure Me.

I allow the time to truly peel back the layers of your psyche so you enter into a space of service and submission. Entering The de Vinery is a timeless experience, a feast of the senses… desires of the flesh, and the secret spirit within… Here is the unfolding of the hidden corners of your being…

To worship the intimate folds of the Goddess and drink of her nectar is de Vine indeed! To witness her in the throws of ecstasy… Sometimes, slaves are honored with female ejaculation… With mutual consent, some slaves are honored with golden showers…
For those more advanced, tantric energy exchange techniques can be included in the worship ceremony.

diamond pussy CK logo2If I am pleased, I may reward you… If not… you may be subjected to my punishments… or my perverse whims… some sessions are sensual and intimate… some are about teaching you your place… or using you for my entertainment…

We will find where our erotic wiring naturally overlaps and play in those zones. Consent and flavor of session is negotiated in a thorough pre-play consultation and is included as part of the 2 hrs.

But be warned!  I turn away more people than I accept for this session. Only those who are truly interested in learning how to serve Me and the way I am wired pass the test. Attitude is everything when applying to submit to Me. Those that think I am here to roleplay your fantasy version of a Goddess will be unceremoniously declined. The whole of society already champions the male arousal system. The majority of porn is made with the male arousal system in mind. I will not be a puppet play acting your turn ons. This session isn’t about your desires. It is about Mine. Are you worthy to submit to My training?

Hint: To be successful in your application, contemplate the difference between serving to give and serving to take.  Contemplate the difference between objectification and worship… 

Bathed in milk & honey

Bathed in milk & honey

Sessions vary greatly depending on person to person, negotiation, mood, and intention. Can include: queening, face sitting, female ejaculation, golden showers, smothering, sensual tantric worship, slave training, energy worship/cycling, role play, punishments, rewards, orgasm denial, orgasm control , ritual and much more…

2hrs $600
Time and tribute is non negotiable.