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Artemisia de Vine

“I’d like to thank you for a truly wonderful session. You are truly intuitive and imaginative.  I was completely overwhelmed by your level of control in session.  It made me feel helpless and I loved every minute of it.   I’ll look forward to future sessions.”  – Sandy, Sydney

“I have just had my first session with Mistress Artemisia. To describe the experience in such bland words does not pay tribute to a beautiful, intelligent & articulate young woman.  The experience was mind altering. It was physically intense, but just as intense mentally. Perhaps more so. I experienced sensual & spiritual arousal to a level I have rarely reached. My orgasm when finally released by my Mistress was one of the most intense I have ever had. In short, an amazing experience & one that I cannot wait to repeat.” – slutty katie

“You are definitely a delightful woman.  You reflect what you write.  No you are definitely a delightful woman… I felt as though I could really be myself with no judgement and that’s rare because people don’t normally want to go there.  Not really.  So thank you.  I feel delightfully spent… I feel peaceful.” – Brett, Sydney

“You really do have complete control don’t you!  It’s not play acting.  Out there in the world I am a powerful man and I tell others what to do but with you I was able to let go and just be submissive.  You pushed me and challenged me but I trusted you.  I could feel your power.  Not forced.  Calm, unwavering confidence.  You really know what you are doing”. – Mark, Sydney, 55yo.

“Well that was a first!  Lots of firsts!  Two mistresses.  I really had a great time.  Wow I can’t believe I actually let you do that to me.  But even though you pushed my boundaries I  felt safe with you.  The perfect balance of trust and fear”. – Brad, Canberra

“I just wanted to reiterate how amazing it was and how much I got out of it. The fact that you listened to what I was after and then incorporated it seamlessly into an incredible session, where all the way through the session it really felt like we were in the role play scenario that had been created. I said that the what I was really into was the overlap between submission, pain and sexuality and the session certainly hit that sweet spot (as I suspect you could tell from the mind-blowing orgasm I had at the end!) while also really pushing my boundaries. I’m already thinking about our next session and where I might ask you to push my boundaries a bit further! ” John, Sydney.  This review was from an aunt/nephew role play session including CBT, small-cock-humiliation, body worship, ball busting, sissy play and more.  Read what actually happened in this session here… 

“Artemisia what can I say, from the very first session you will know she is a professional that enjoys her work. She deserves and demands respect. She has the skill and ability to take your mind and body to places you could not normally get to without drugs. She does it without risk to your health and does not take you further than you want to go, but she will push your limits. She is my MISTRESS, GODDESS”.  – BIGCHIEFBILL

Artemisia de Vine

Artemisia de Vine

“…it was the most extraordinary feeling of self exploration and a level of intimacy I had never known……this was the journey i had dreamt about for years…and here it was fully consensual  kink and play…….the arousal was intense as I reached  my orgasm……which rose to a new level I had only ever dreamt of. I was then left to lie quietly whilst my conscious space returned………it was then time to bid farewell after the most erotic adventure of my life…this was the journey I wanted to take searching for personal truth…There is so much more to learn from such a gifted tutor.”   – Tory

“My life journey has taken me to many amazing places and experiences, and has gifted me with some special people, and my experience with Artemisia certainly was  powerful.  My journey into Tantra is one of variety and intensity and my experience of Artemisia’s skills and open heart are, that she has a rare and special combination. I enjoyed my experience immensely.” – Graeme

“Hi Mistress, just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing session yesterday. I’ve been seeing professional    Mistresses for over 20 years and this was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. The experience of pain and being totally at your mercy whilst dressed in lingerie was totally mind blowing. I can’t wait to serve you again.”  – M

“I have just seen Mistress Artemisia for my second time , and yes it was as memorable as the first.  Mistress is teaching me many things, not only but including how sensual my ASS is. She was able to explore and show me thru her coaching and unique ways how to control my body . While she was teaching me my breathing control and my relaxation of my ass muscles i achieved an all over body orgasim.Now this is not for the average person, you need to be a special bread to appreciate the total affect this has on your body.Mistress Artemisia has this ability to show you new and different sensations thru her tallent in working with your ass. Thank you mistress. i will be back soon to lovely down town Byron Bay. Your willing servant.” – The Phantom

Conscious Kink

Fem Domme Artemisia de Vine

“My work with Artemisia has taken my tantric journey to a whole other place, one that I feel is very worth finding. It is as if through the safe,

creative and heart centred space she creates I am able to let go of some of the deepest and unknown places my ego has up until now sought to hold on to. I have worked with embracing pain (from a back injury) as a path to self and love for many years but had never had such powerful transformation into bliss before yet I feel grounded and connected to myself afterwards. I have also been surprised by how tender and open my heart is. Avika is the real deal- warm, empathetic, knowledgeable and very skilled in stepping into whatever is required to create the best outcome for her clients.” – Annette from Oztantra

“Mistress Artemisia, you’re a wonderful woman.  You are clearly aware of this, but it’s worth stating again.  I thank you for the amazing introduction into your world.  You held my hand and guided me with great skill, care and attention. Your research and intuition were perfect and appreciated, resulting in an unforgettable first experience.” – Jon, Sydney

“Artemisia is an important part of the sexual revolution, it is an honor to know her. I like the fact that she has respect for herself, and respect for her clients, and won’t accept people who can’t play by both those rules. In doing so, she sets up a far more meaningful, pleasurable and holistic exchange. I think this is what the world is really lusting for, and Artemisia is the perfect person to be in that role. I love hearing about how she takes the time to genuinely connect with people, and stay with them on their journey of discovery. And the way she finds beauty, wherever it may be hiding. Engage her intellectually and you will pleased on many levels! Finally, as a sex-positive educator and pro kinkster, she knows everything there is to know about subjects that most people have never heard of. Highly recommended!” – Chris Even

“The truth is if I was going on looks alone, I wouldn’t have picked you Mistress but I am so glad I didn’t go on physical appeal alone because now I find you more attractive than any perfect pair of pins could ever be to me. I choose to serve you because you get inside my mind. You just crawl right in there. You get the headspace like no one else I’ve ever met.” – White, Australian, middle aged, business professional. – Ron Slave or 22 years experience, Sydney.