mistress-artemisia-mask-paler-versionMy fee depends on the type of session

I do things differently.  All my sessions focus on the journey as well as the destination. They are not “get in, get off and get out” McKinky drive thru experiences but rather exquisite, creative journeys into the shadowy corners of our minds and bodies. As such I prefer longer sessions.  I find you drop so much deeper if you stop fearing that you will not get where you need to go before the meter runs out, so to speak.  However, I acknowledge there are times when a shorter session and the hourly rate is appropriate so I have provided options.

<b>Most of my Mistress sessions last around 2hrs and can go up to 2.5hrs</b> to allow you to truly enter into the headspace and have time to explore the experience. This includes indepth consultation to help you uncover your core erotic themes and work out how you can get more out of your kinky self discovery. I ensure I leave plenty of actual play time as well, allowing for a debrief to integrate and take you further down the rabbit hole in future. There are shorter and longer (all day/overnight) sessions available to depending on the intention of the session. Call to discuss.

Mistress Session

  • 1hr (very basic sessions only) $300
  • 90mins $400
  • 2hrs $500
  • 2.5hrs $600
  • Overnight and/or full day bookings negotiated case by case.

Goddess Sessions (Content dependent)

  • 2hrs $500-700
  • 2.5hrs $600-700

Mommy/Son & Auntie Nephew Kinky roleplay sessions (Content dependant)

  • 90mins $500-600
  • 2hrs $600-700 *Recommended
  • 2.5hrs $700-800

Corporal punishment on you

  • 1hr or less $300
  • 90min $400
  • 2hrs $500 *Recommended
  • 2.5hrs $600

Corporal punishment switch or me as submissive session
(Prices apply to light-medium session that include marks that go away within 24hrs & can inlude caning. Heavy sessions to be negotiated case by case).
1hr $400
90mins $500
2hrs $600 *Recommended minimum for switch sessions
$700 plus for hard sessions that leave marks for more than 24hrs & can include variety of leather implements and canes.

Longer kidnap, interogration or intense initation, mulitple Mistress, day long, overnight or weekend service also available and price will be negotiated on content.  Call to discuss.