My Play Space



Artemisia de Vine bondage bench BDSM sydney CKI have a beautiful playspace, called The de Vinery, in Surry Hills, Sydney.  I have never been a fan of goth style dungeons and prefer the opulence of a manor  or temple and incorporate those flavors in my decor.  I have plenty of wicked and innovative equipment.

Artemisia spanking desk CKThe clever part about the way I have set up The de Vinery is that is can appear as though there is no kink here at all… Then I can whisk out my At Andrew’s cross, or my leather sling and string it from the custom-made carved, wooden suspension frame and pull off all manner of perverted, creative scenes.

Mistress Artemisia de Vine leather sling CKIt is set up to support domestic discipline scenes or Mistress of the dungeon scenes, depending on what is appropriate for the scene.

On tour, I take sessions from classy apartments and bring plenty of imaginative toys.



Mistress Artemisia bondage bench SydneyClassy Sydney dungeon Artemisia CK

hoods sydney Mistress leather CK