About Artemisia de Vine


“Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light but making darkness conscious” – Carl Jung

I am every inch a Goddess and a skilled player in the world of conscious kink, BDSM, bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, dominance, submission, switching and fetish.

I engage in Kink from many perspectives…  Sometimes as Mistress… sometimes as Switch… As RitualistSpanking Model… or Educator… or experience facilitator… Erotic Shadow Worker…  Kinky Tantric Massage Therapist… As role player accessing the erotic archetypes… as Queen…  Bitch… Mother… Innocent girl… Gender bender… Nurturer… Goddess… Healer… Shaman… Priestess… Slut… Monster of your nightmares… Seductress of your dreams…  All are aspects of me I know how to tap into and draw out at will.

True to my triple Aquarian nature, nothing I do is bound by tradition but is innovative, creative and perceptive.  A Goddess of Conscious Kink knows she does not have to be hard or  “masculine” to be powerful and takes her pleasure as she pleases. She can be pampered and adored,  satisfied or express her sadistic whims as takes her fancy. She is wickedly playful at times, intense and terrifying at times, nurturing and empathic at times… She accesses the full spectrum of archetypes consciously and can use any colour on the personality palette to weave her play scene or ritual in accordance with the intention agreed to together.


BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) has been an intimate part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I was the little girl who tied up little boys, dressed them in frilly pretties and smeared their lips with smackings of ruby red lipstick.  I was the little girl who made other little girls suck her toes and perform impossible, humiliating feats to please her and then had the tables turned on her with equal delight.  Now I am a fully formed, curvaceous lady with more sophisticated, conscious tools and methods of playing the same games.

As an adult I continue to explore both the light and the dark aspects of the human mind and find that one cannot be in balance without the other.  Darkness unexplored is unconscious and dangerous.  It seeps out in uncontrolled and damaging ways.  Darkness embraced, played with and consciously channelled in positive ways can liberate, exhilarate and facilitate the most exquisite moments of peace, oneness, erotic intensity.

I have studied BDSM, tantra, sexological bodywork and the arts of pleasure as well as perversion.   I strongly believe in the risk aware and consensual mantra of conscious BDSM players and use safe words.  I consider myself a Priestess of Pleasure and Perversion and creator of ritual journeys into the self.  My personal passion and inner journey has turned into an opportunity to facilitate other people’s exploration.  Through conscious play we are each others mirror… we are being game to explore all that is worth experiencing… We are truly living.