Aug 182016


Sydney spankees Artemisia, Zoe montana, Molly Malone, Harper bare bottoms CK

From left to Right. Artemisia de Vine, Harper, Helena May aka Zoe Montana & Molly Malone

Oh my what mischief was had here at The de Vinery yesterday!  Champagne, card games and an awful lot of bare bottom, domestic-style spanking warmed our Wintery afternoon.

spanking card games Sydney spankee Artemisia CKMr Possum and I are still preparing for our trip to London to experience the domestic style spanking and corporal punishment scene, so we have been on a regime of conditioning our bottoms.  Yesterday we were blessed with three of the Briton’s darling spankees to help us in our mission.  Molly Malone, Harper & Zoe Montana (now Helena May) descended upon The de Vinery in a gale of tea, strapping tales and blushing bottoms.

hairbrush spanking Sydney Artemisia CKWe gathered around the table to play a terribly clever spanking card game that Mr Possum made himself.  He will bluster and protest his innocence, claiming he likes to be the disher-of-just-desserts but don’t you believe a word of it!  He designed the rules to ensure everyone, including himself, ended up with scarlet cheeks.

Before we began, we needed to do a group warm up… for our own good you understand… Much kinder to spank each other till we are pink before we land on a card that requires the sting of the cane, strap or the dreaded hairbrush… Or in this instance, the dreaded bath brush.

Sydney The de Vinery spanking circle UK spankees CK
It was a serious matter, of course.  No giggles or fun were had at all…
Mr Possum declined to be in the pictures but his bottom was just as cherry red behind the camera…

spanking Sydney UK spankees group bare bottom

 Accepting Spanking Stories for my Blog

I am accepting spanking stories with domestic-style, traditional discipline and corporal punishment themes.  Mr Possum has written a great tale about Jennifer being introduced to spanking and the strap by her neighbour.  Their young, adult, daughters get  involved in the action too.  Read more here.

If you would like to submit spanking stories to be added to my site, or you would like to be part of my London spanking adventures, please contact me here.

More pictures in the spanking gallery.  Switch Spanking sessions available in Sydney.

Artemisia de Vine Sydney spankee switch CK

From left to Right: Artemisia de Vine, Harper, Zoe Montana aka Helena May & Molly Malone.

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