Oct 172013

butler 2I am munching on marmalade on toast because that is the sort of breakfast a lady would have if she had a personal maid and a butler.  I’ve been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries again, and while it is a really badly acted and scripted show, I am addicted to the idea of sashaying about in fabulous fashion, being outrageous and having a maid to run my errands while saying, “Yes Miss” an awful lot.

Yes I do know the difference between reality of service and fantasy but I’m feeling indulgent this morning and letting my girlish imagination out for a romp.

I am constantly approached by folk who want to be my personal slaves or subs but I always turn them away.  In the end, what they want is to take more than what they give.  They are unconscious of it.  They think that being in service to me means me staying in scene role 24/7 and that they get to live out all their dirty little fantasies non stop.  In short, it is really all about them.

Dot-miss-fishers-murder-mysteries-35201301-858-571I like the model of Miss Fisher’s personal staff much better.  Miss Fisher is clearly the head of the house yet does not need to be overtly dominant in every moment to remain so.  She can take lovers… She can be a full, playful, seductive, generous, adventurous, intelligent woman without the need to be strict, though she can be.  Her charm and natural confidence is enough to make her dominant.  She can confide in her staff and they are unequivocally on her side and loyal to her.   I resonate with this model of service a lot.

The maid plays the role of the personal assistant to a tee, helping Miss Fisher in domestic, professional and social arenas.  She plays companion and support to anything Miss Fisher takes a fancy to.   This is my idea of the perfect maid.  Easy to get along with and helpful yet clearly she is in the submissive role.  In return, Miss Fisher is generous and helps her maid develop.  The maid is looked after and cared for in her role as a valued member of the household.

coffeeteaservice1The butler is just so tuned in.  I like that he is in service and spends days noticing all the little things that make his Mistress’ day easier.   He stays out of the way, not needy, always there to meet her needs in an almost fatherly way, yet still subservient… No need to be a sniveling, groveling energy vampire.  He keeps his dignity and easy manner but is committed to service.   In return he is considered part of the family.

Now that is my type of personal service staff!

Don’t get me wrong, humiliation play scenes with the full sniveling, groveling slave persona can be a lot of fun in a scene.  I can get right into that sort of game.  However, it is not something I want to enact every moment of every day.

So take note anyone hoping to be in personal service to me.  To be a successful applicant you need to be someone I actually enjoy and benefit from when you are in my personal space.  You would need to study the art of being an exceptional maid or butler.  The gender of the person isn’t important, it’s the archetypal role that matters.  Of course there would be ongoing training and personal development in these roles.  The right person would also get to be used in my kinky experiments from time to time.

For those who cannot commit to service in an ongoing basis but would like the experience then I do offer service staff training sessions where you can be in service for the day.  This can include far more formal service training than the casual version mentioned above.   I am looking to hold high tea service parties in the future and those trained may be offered the opportunity to serve at those.  Contact me for details or subscribe to my newletter for updates.


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