Aug 252013
Artemisia de Vine

Artemisia de Vine

Had a fabulous time in the sun today, sipping coffee and having book-gasms. That wonderful feeling when someone has put into words things you’ve been intuiting for years… It set off a riot of inspiring ideas inside me.

(In case you are curious I was reading ‘Inner Work: Using dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth’ by Robert A Johnson, a Jungian analyst).

Really, when it comes down to it, the most important focus of my life that guides all my other choices is the inner work of bringing the unconscious into conscious alignment. Sex and BDSM just happen to be my tools and what fabulous tools they make because they are natural gateways between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of us. Sexual states of consciousness open the way to the symbolic realms just like dreams do, only sex also brings it into the embodied experience. In that sense sex and bdsm are natural shamanic rituals.

Approaching sexuality with awareness has the potential to rip the fabric of our reality open and directly expose us to the most potent, authentic, powerful and precious moments possible. You know that vague feeling that something is missing? That there should be more to sex? To life? Conscious sexuality leads us home to fulfil that nameless yearning.

Being conscious about our sexuality is not just about having bigger, better orgasms, though that is often a side effect… No it is about aligning all aspects of ourselves with, well, ourselves… the part of ourselves we are normally unconscious of… which is a giant submerged iceberg… and creating an active feedback loop and dialogue between conscious and unconscious that ripples out into our whole lives, creating meaning, purpose and benefiting all around us in every aspect of existence.

I can’t see how anything else could be more important than consciously engaging with inner work. Some use dance and trance… others use religious ritual or yoga or meditation or art, and others still use sexuality and BDSM. It all has the potential to aim for the same purpose. To align the parts of us we are normally unconscious of but which nonetheless effect every aspect of our lives, with our conscious mind.

When conscious and unconscious are in alignment and then anchored in us through embodiment, we are no longer at war with ourselves and everything flows in the most profound way.

From this perspective, to be a conscious sexuality whore dominatrix is a modern-day shaman… S/he that holds the space and creates the rituals that unite that which is known and that which is unseen within us…  linking us to the collective unconscious across time and space.

But most people don’t know that is what they crave… They just know they want a fuck… or crave some fetish… I don’t try to intellectually teach them… I just show them.

Aug 212013

foot fetish CK logoPlump white toes with crimson nails… creamy arches and slender elegant ankles and plump, shapely legs… Stockings or bare wiggling toes… Some are drawn to delicate, clean and pretty feet  they wish to honor in worship  while others are more attracted to the dirty, smelly feet they are forced to grovel under and lick clean in service of their Mistress.   Perhaps you are more about the shoe worship?  Smelly sneaker, elegant stiletto heels, impressive boots?   Perhaps you enjoy the tantric sensual ritualised version of foot worship?  Either way, the desire to serve feet is a delicious fetish that can be explored in a multitude of different ways.  Some common ceremonies are below but feel free to discuss your unique intention and desires to have a ceremony designed especially.

Worship the Goddess’s Feet

For those who adore toe cleavage peeking out from pretty shoes, and find arousal in pleasuring feet there is a beautiful conscious erotic foot worship ceremony  that I offer.   It begins with a foot washing ceremony where you take the time to fully sink into being present with the feet.   Take the time to mindfully wash your Goddess’s feet in the time-honored tradition using essential oils and honor.  Allow yourself to sink into the moment and delight in every aspect of her feet.   Connect with your body, breath, arousal and feel each exquisite moment.  Lick your Goddess’s feet dry, massaging and honoring… There is the world of difference between honoring feet and merely washing them… Be guided into exactly how this Goddess likes to be worshipped.  You may be rewarded with a beautiful, sensual foot job finish.

feet2 CK logoGrovel Beneath the Goddess’s Feet

For those more drawn to being a mere slave in the presence of a demanding queen or cruel Mistress, then this ceremony is more for you.  On your hands and knees or  you will use your tongue to clean every inch of her feet, breathing in their scent and knowing your lowly place.  Kiss the ground she walks on and the feet that carry her through the day.  Be trampled and trained in obedience.  Your every fibre will pay attention and submit in service.  Your are pure devotion to the divine Goddess’s wicked desires.

Shoe and Boot Worship

Boot blacking and worshipping a Mistresses shoes… leather, elegant stilletos, intense boots and more…   trampling, licking, cleaning, honoring in ceremonial style dedicating your service and arousal to honor the Goddess’s boots.

Tantric Foot Washing and Bondage Ceremony

Delicate foot bondage can be an erotic experience…  Receive and/or give a foot washing ceremony with warm water and aromatic oils and then erotically honor the feet with decorative restraint and sensual rope play.  An exquisite, mindful and erotic ceremony using breath, presence, worship and arousal.  Sensual submission and honoring. Intentionally connecting to the energy centres in the feet… This can be a ceremony in and of itself or part of a larger play session that includes other elements.