Aug 162012

venus flytrap redProfessional sessions are real sessions.   As I professional I am not claiming to provide what a private Mistress does.  I am claiming to provide a different opportunity that is none the less just as valuable.  I am a highly trained professional providing a real opportunity to explore your personal potential to experience pleasure, perversion, intensity, self in relation to other, states of consciousness, eroticism and the mysteries of your own personal wiring.  It is an opportunity to consciously sink deep into submission, open to aspects of yourself you did not know existed, play with your desires and fantasies, have your limits pushed and expand your capibilities to experience all that is possible, by an expert who knows how to draw this out of you and the skill to bring you safely through the storm.

It takes time and patience to find the right professional Mistress for you, just like it takes time and patience to find the right doctor, councellor, spiritual advisor or personal trainer.  You will have repoire with some and not others. If you are genuine in you desire to learn just how powerful and incredible a Dominant Woman can be, then don’t give up after a bad experience or two… Once a person finds the right Dominant for them, they can travel deeply together, sometimes even forming an ongoing journey that lasts years and explores inner galaxies.

Professional sessions work a lot better if you have the right attitude. If you think you are paying for a service then that is all you will get. A hollow service.  If you see yourself as offering tribute to a highly trained Priestess of perversion and pleasure in return for a valuable training session and/or experience that allows you to explore your potential and individual wiring, then that is what you will get. Show the respect an embodiment of the divine, dark feminine deserves and you will be blessed with Her beauty, terror and wisdom.

If you are interested in journeying with me, then fill in the form in the contact page when you approach me.  This will give me a better idea of where you are currently at; whether or not you are a suitable client for my personal taste and skillset and how to plan experiences that will be potent and mutually satisfying.  If I am not the right match for you, then I encourage you to explore the links to other genuine, highly qualified, professionals I respect.  These links can be found on my homepage.